Sorry for the bad bmx joke, but I was talking about picking out a fork for your bmx bike. The first and most improtant part to the bmx bike is of course the frame. You can go with stock, but remember, you really want to make the frame your own. This will allow for a smooth ride and dependibility.So, you heard about bmx, or you saw one of those extreme shows about bmx, and now you're thinking, hey, that looks like fun. Why? Well, you'll proabably be eating more crap then a dog and you dont want to bend up nice and shiney chrome rims, not to mention that chrome rims also cost quite a bit more.

The hub is also an important feature and you'll want to look for what is called a cassette hub. If you get this right, you'll only have to end up repairing and upgrading the smaller parts, which will of course be less expensive. Well, before you go head first into the bmx world, there are a few things you need to know. First off, OEM brake pad factory when picking a frame, its really gonna depend on how tall you are. So, lets get to it, and get you on your way to riding your bmx bike. Of course there are other customizations you can do to your bmx bike. A bmx bike consists of many different parts, and if you dont pick the right combination, you'll end up replacing and fixing more then you will riding.

Just make sure you check the brake mounts, and make sure they at least have them. Just kidding, go with a smaller top tube length. These are by far more reliable and you dont have to worry nearly as much about them getting bent or twisted. And these, like the frame, you'll want to avoid stock and go with a spereate, custom fork. Try to avoid colored rims at all costs, this is for braking purposes and just trust me on this. And I think it goes without saying, you dont want to be in that perdicament.

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